Triberr is a platform for bloggers, influencers, marketers, and brands to increase content sharing, engagement, and followers. At its core, it is a group-sharing of content. Triberr allows bloggers, influencers, and marketers to grow their network by finding similar bloggers and influencers and creating what is known as a “tribe.” It also connects brands and agencies with industry influencers who can create a targeted campaign to promote brand awareness.


Triberr approached Rendr to come on as a long-term technology consultant to build upon and enhance its existing web application. Rendr stepped in to create a more responsive app that allows for greater core functionality and to develop new features moving forward.


Rendr first had to reestablish a stable development environment refactoring PHP to Laravel. This process included debugging existing issues in code, inspecting the app for areas of improvement, and making the app responsive. We then moved on to improving core functionality for a better overall user experience. Our focus was to improve users’ content feeds based on data (interests, tribes, etc.), create better cross-promotion features, and develop better rss feed management. We finally worked to add new features, starting with the most needed as priority. These included: Reporting, analytics, data, and stats based on a specific set of metrics for users and admins, incorporating more AlchemyAPI data into user profiles and tribes, and creating better in-app messaging triggers.

Key Features

Tribe Management

  • Tribes include varying levels of membership including Tribe Chief, Member, and Follower. Triberr allows for different capabilities for each role within the tribe.

Feed / Stream Management

  • Posts can be scheduled, edited, imported, hidden, or promoted.
  • Streams can be filtered to show only the most relevant posts and tribes based on different search parameters.

Search Functionality

  • Flexible queries for searching so users can see which Tribes are currently accepting members based on relevance, activity, and other filters.

Account and Profile Management

  • Account setting and profile management based on standard, editable fields.
  • Authorization for social publishing
  • PayPal integration


  • Consistent user experience across all platforms and screen sizes


Our team worked with Rendr on several enhancements to our existing app which serves over 100,000 users, as well as the development of a substantial marketing platform. They had a clear grasp of the technology and were able to provide immediate value. More importantly, working with them felt as if they were really an extension of our own team rather than just a vendor. I'd recommend Rendr to any company that is seeking a development partner that can help move the needle forward.

Charlie Patel
CEO, Triberr