ScoreStik is a scoreboard system that can be run from any mobile device and is optimized to make scorekeeping easy. A ScoreStik device connects to any TV or Projector with a simple HDMI cable, and the scorekeeper connects their iOS or Android device to the secure ScoreStik Wi-Fi. Once connected, the scorekeeper can run the game from an easy, touch-screen interface on their own phone or tablet. With this functionality, ScoreStik automatically creates a digital scoreboard network in any gym, making the current and expensive scoreboard technology obsolete.


ScoreStik approached Rendr to come on as a technology partner to build upon what was a relatively clunky first iteration of the product. Rendr stepped in to help sharpen the product’s performance and has continued to maintain software updates and iterations for a better user experience. ScoreStik continues to soar, having won multiple awards, most notably the Innovate NM Award in 2016.


Using Node.js, Express.js, and, Rendr developed a completely new technology with the ScoreStik device. The device and mobile application allow for easy to use screen control for the scorekeeper, and since partnering with Rendr, ScoreStik now supports up to five different sports/activities, each with their own unique interface and tracking capabilities.

Key Features

Real-time to Multiple Screens

  • All connected devices receive and display updates in real time.

Remote support

  • ScoreStik offers remote support for any device so you can be sure your scorekeeping won’t miss a beat.

Multiple sports / gym activities

  • ScoreStik currently supports basketball, soccer, volleyball, hockey, and wrestling.

Time, score, fouls, bonus, and timeout tracking

  • Just like a traditional scoreboard, ScoreStik monitors every facet of the game to make sure viewers and players alike get the best scorekeeping experience


  • Consistent user experience across all platforms and screen sizes
  • Simple touch screen control


Working with Rendr was a tremendous boost for our product. They are conscientious, knowledgable, and efficient. From web app architecture and test automation to responsive front ends, app and api development, the developers at Rendr blended into our team and delivered consistent, quality product every time. From the contract perspective, doing business with this team is flexible, honest, and enjoyable. These are good people to work with.

Gordon Klein
CEO, ScoreStik