Case Study

Rainbow Ryders is the largest private hot air balloon ride provider in the United States. As they’ve expanded to several locations, the company found that third-party booking and operations software didn’t solve their complex logistical issues. Rainbow Ryders contacted Rendr to build a custom solution to streamline their booking, business operations and ecommerce platform.


Before writing a line of code, Rendr worked closely with the Rainbow Ryders team to understand the business logic and devise solutions to solve inefficiencies in their process. We built a custom web application, streamlining their booking, operations and ecommerce workflow into an easy-to-use, bespoke solution. We continue to add useful features and functionality on an ongoing basis.


Rainbow Ryders was built with React.js and Redux on the front-end, a Lumen PHP backend API and a MySQL database. The API also integrates with the online booking feature on Rainbow Ryders’ WordPress site.

Key Features


Customers can make reservations through the app and customer service representatives are able to make, manage and edit the reservations. The application allows the customers to input date, ride and location, as well as choosing from coupons, add-ons, gift cards, and affiliate agencies.


The application allows Rainbow Ryders to manage rides, employees, balloons and passengers. It schedules them and allows representatives to print out reports for the crew and pilots.


The software compiles sophisticated reports for all aspects of the business with multiple filter options on each report.


Rainbow Ryders can sell merchandise and gift cards, and can manage inventory through the software.

When it comes to programming, there are many that talk a good game, but Rendr makes it happen. Their dedication, knowledge, and design worked together perfectly to create the product our company had been dreaming about for a long time. We needed a powerhouse system that integrated seamlessly with our unique business model, but one that was also created with room to grow with our company. The system has saved many of our managers countless time and effort, and their talents can now be used more efficiently elsewhere.

If that weren't enough, the team at Rendr is a dream to work with. They have a quick turn around if any questions come up and guided the project in the direction we needed. We look forward to any and all opportunities to work with them in the future!

Lindsay Fattor
Rainbow Ryders General Manager