JohnnyBoards is an advertising company that places indoor advertising in locations around New Mexico. Offering a network for small business and public service awareness campaigns around the state, JohnnyBoards utilizes its unique positioning to engage viewers’ attention for up to four minutes.


Rendr and JohnnyBoards came together to create a product to allow for contract and inventory management. With a strategy in place, Rendr designed and developed a custom CRM that would take what was a low efficient system involving a lot of paperwork being shuffled across many desks, into a digital operation with the functionality to dramatically increase efficiency for not only JohnnyBoards, but the indoor advertising industry as a whole.


Using Laravel 4, Rendr developed a completely customizable database that allows JohnnyBoards to manage and analyze contracts, inventory, and oversee customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle.

Key Features

Customer Administration

  • Allows multiple indoor advertisers to manage contracts, inventory and proposals

User Management

  • Single sign on member allows user management with permissions


  • Generates lists of locations that need ads changed
  • Generates invoices


  • Consistent user experience across all platforms and screen sizes


After years of maintaining clunky Excel spreadsheets and handwritten notes to keep things organized, I knew there had to be a better way. I had a vague idea to create some sort of database to manage all these items, but wasn’t sure how to put it all together.

I approached Rendr with this idea, and after explaining my problem and the process I had been using to manage my business, they were immediately able to conceptualize what I needed. After several months of beta testing and trials, Rendr created a fully-fledged database cloud application that allows me to effectively and efficiently manage all aspects of my business. Not only does it save me over 40 hours of work per month, but it is now in the early stages of development to sell as an industry service tool for advertisers nationwide.

Ruben Garcia
Owner and President, JohnnyBoards