Rendr worked with the CheckUp & Choices science team to build a drink tracking wearable application integrating with the CheckUp & Choices web application for a pilot study.


In Vivo was built in Kotlin for the Android Wear 2.0 OS, integrating with an existing Python/Flask API and using a MongoDB database.

Key Features

Allow users to log in via a code generated on the CheckUp & Choices user dashboard

in vivo code log in

This feature allows users to log in in a more streamlined fashion - they simply provide the matching 6-digit code given on the site.

Allow users to enter in drinks based on the type (beer, liquor, wine, non-alcoholic) and the size/amount.

The primary focus of the app, allowing users an easy-to-use and discreet way of entering drinks, which would then fully interface with the web app.

Display feedback to the user based on the number of drinks they entered into the app for a given week/day.

in vivo feedback

This feature lets users see how many drinks they entered in a week, along with other stats such as their estimated BAC.

Display motivational quotes to ponder after entering a drink.

Allow users to set up notifications based on a time of their choosing, with an interval of their choosing.

To remind users to enter drinks as they followed the program.

Easily open the CheckUp & Choices web application on their phone by tapping on a screen in the wearable app.

in vivo web connect

Users can easily access a more detailed feedback section in the web application based on data they entered into In Vivo.