Fit With Friends is a digital exercise challenge for groups - families, companies, or motivated friends compete against each other by logging exercises and participating in daily and weekly challenges.


Fit With Friends (FWF) was originally a Google Sheet-powered service. Working with our partner, we were able to translate the formulas and functionality of the spreadsheets to a web application with a much improved user experience across multiple form factors.


FWF was built with Laravel, MySQL and Laravel Spark, a scaffolding package that supports subscription billing, invoicing and other services. It uses Blade templating for the frontend with Boostrap CSS.s

Key Features

How It Works

Users join friends and acquaintances in a league - league members are then placed on teams to compete against each other. Members complete exercises, daily doubles, and weekly challenges to earn points during a contest.

Home Page

The home page for each user displays personal stats, the leaderboard, and stats for each team during a contest. Here the user can see what s/he has completed daily throughout the contest.

fit with friends home


On the dashboard, league members enter their daily exercise totals, check off daily doubles and nutrition challenges, and update weekly challenges.

fit with friends dashboard

League Admin

League captains use the admin section to set up and run contests for their team. Daily doubles, weekly challenges, and nutrition challenges are set here. Teams for each contest are also set here.

fit with friends admin