CheckUp & Choices is a free survey screener designed to give users feedback on their alcohol consumption habits. Featured on NPR, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Men’s Health Magazine, CheckUp & Choices offers an objective, non-judgmental screening course that allows you to consider what, if anything, you may want to change about your drinking. It offers resources and tools on how to cut back or stop drinking altogether based on your feedback, and can reduce the chance of relapse.


Rendr worked with the CheckUp & Choices science team to build a marijuana tracking application similar to the drink tracker we made for them earlier in the year. It was made to integrate with the CheckUp & Choices web application for a pilot study.


The CheckUp Mobile App was built using React Native. This allows the app to be used on both Android and iPhone devices. The project was built in two pieces.

  1. The initial innovation of the study that looks at marijuana usage
  2. The creation of content and tools for marijuana intervention

Key Features

The app allows the user to track and file through their marijuana usage. This can then give the user a chance to decide if they are interested in cutting back or making changes to their marijuana consumption.

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The primary focus of the app is to provide users an easy-to-use and discreet way of entering how many times they use marijuana, which would then fully interface with the web app. It also allowed users to go through the entire Marijuana CheckUp program to fully evaluate their usage.

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This feature lets users see how many times they’ve used marijuana in a week, along with other stats such as the amount of days used, the method of usage, the time of day used most often, the amount of hours spent high, and the amount of intensity per session.