CheckUp & Choices is a free survey screener designed to give users feedback on their alcohol consumption habits. Featured on NPR, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Men’s Health Magazine, CheckUp & Choices offers an objective, non-judgmental screening course that allows you to consider what, if anything, you may want to change about your drinking. It offers resources and tools on how to cut back or stop drinking altogether based on your feedback, and can reduce the chance of relapse.


Rendr has worked with CheckUp & Choices as their primary technology partner to develop and maintain this application. Rendr stepped in and created a more mature application including greater core functionality and additional features.


CheckUp & Choices was built in React.js with Redux on the front-end, Python with Flask on the backend / API, and using a MongoDB database. Rendr has bettered the user experience and functionality of the app from both a user and admin perspective, adding reporting features, improved data visualization, and partner implementations.

Key Features

Single Page App

Though many additonal functionalities have been built, Rendr has preserved nearly instant page updates typical of single page applications.


Rendr created a reporting mechanism to pull data for internal research and partner validation.


Rendr has preserved a consistent user experience across all platforms and screen sizes.


We brought on the Rendr team when we needed to accelerate ongoing development on our application. They were responsive, fast learners, and immediately contributed by adding new functionality and creating partner implementations and reports. The partnership with Rendr has allowed CheckUp & Choices to successfully launch new products and partner implementations, helping our company expand its offerings. Rendr has become our technology partner and an indispensable member of our team.

Caton Burwell
CEO, CheckUp & Choices