Our Business

Rendr Consulting is a software development and product strategy agency based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We strive to build human-centric, data-driven products imbued with our core values. Our team has been fortunate enough to work on applications that make a meaningful social effect, and we truly care about the ambitious goals beyond the technology. We believe that with the right tools, and more importantly, the right team, we can guide our partners to scale their businesses in order to make the impact they deserve.

Our Values


Everything we do is imbued with love - love for our clients, love for each other, love for our work, and love for oneself.

Freedom of Spirit

The individual characteristics of each team member contributes to the larger success of our company. We’re going to be ourselves - and we strive to be better. We allow our creativity to flow into all of our work. And we only choose the work that gets us excited.


The quality of our work separates us from our competitors. Pride in our work naturally flows from delivering a best-in-class product. We believe in rigorous research, planning, testing and flexibility with changing requirements - and dissatisfaction until completion.


Always constructive. We value honesty, not brutality. Irrelevant of hierarchy - from intern to CEO. Timely - not after disaster but before. Rooted in fact, with no fear. We accept responsibility - when it’s ours to accept. Finally, and most importantly: always centered in love.

Team First

Our accomplishments are not achieved by individuals alone, but rather by proactive people working together. We value steady communication and trust each other - and fight to earn that trust. Groupthink unwelcome.


We depend on our teams to get things done on time and at a high professional standard. We are responsible for the quality of your work. We are responsible for our team’s performance. We own the project - it reflects us.

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